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August 13, 2015 – SAN DIEGO – The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation is pleased to announce it has been chosen as one of four local nonprofits to receive a grant from The San Diego Women’s Foundation in the 2015 grant year. The grant of $42,000 will support the Diamond Youth Programs Leadership Training Series, which equips students with the leadership skills they need to become catalysts for community change in Southeastern San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhoods. The official announcement was made at the foundation’s grant celebration at The Scripps Research Institute on June 4. This year’s grants were awarded to nonprofits focused on community leadership development.

“The Jacobs Center is thrilled to be partnering with the San Diego Women’s Foundation because they support some of the most thoughtful grantmaking in the region. This grant will empower students to be leaders in their community. When students understand the opportunities for community engagement and the outlets for civic participation they become strong advocates for their neighborhood, school, families and selves,” said Martin Furey, Senior Director, Program Advancement for the Jacobs Center.

The Diamond Youth Programs Leadership Training Series will consist of three month-long trainings taught by UC San Diego Extension. Students will develop their skills in leadership, computer science, and quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as learn about opportunities to get involved and advocate for their community. Students who complete all three trainings will earn college credit and receive a certificate.

“We are extremely pleased to award these funds to such an impressive list of committed and accomplished organizations doing innovative work,” said Leigh Hartman, Board President of the San Diego Women’s Foundation. “Community leadership development is about skills and knowledge and empowerment from within communities. We have no doubt that these extraordinary organizations will make a difference and help make San Diego a better and stronger region.”

This year marks the 15th year of granting for The San Diego Women’s Foundation, and brings the organization’s total to $2.9 million in grants awarded to 75 deserving organizations. Recipients are selected through a rigorous vetting process and each grant totals $25,000 or greater.

Through the San Diego Women’s Foundation, nearly 210 members pool their dollars together to help fund the causes that matter most to San Diego, proving the philosophy embraced by each member: women can do more than woman.


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About the San Diego Women’s Foundation
Founded in 2000, the San Diego Women’s Foundation has grown to an organization of nearly 210+ members dedicated to pooling their resources and enhancing the community through grant making. As of June 1, 2015, $2.9 million has been awarded to 75 local nonprofit programs for their efforts to initiate or improve existing programs. For more information visit: