Public Art Overview

From the beginning, arts and culture have played a key role in revitalizing 60 acres of land to transform the area into a vibrant town center supported by high-quality public art reflective of a diverse, caring community.

Completed Public Art Projects

Chollas Realm Gateways

Located on the head trails of the Chollas Creek Park, located at Euclid and Market Streets, local artist Roman de Salvo’s two gateway sculptures were installed in July 2019 with a ribbon cutting. The artwork depicts the Chollas Creek reparian system, a lacy shape that maps out the Chollas Creek watershed. As it welcomes people to this place, the artwork also engenders better stewardship of the watershed and greater community pride.

Visualize Biodiversity

Installed in July 2019, Visualize Biodiversity is a 10-foot Corten sculpture in the shape of a large barrel cactus is decorated with cutout patterns of indigenous butterflies. Artist Deedee Morrison designed it to celebrate the environmental biodiversity of San Diego and Chollas Creek, the sculpture can be enjoyed in the evening as it features a choreographed LED lighting system. The sculpture is located in the Chollas Creek Park at the intersection of the pedestrian bridge and the Walgreens parking lot on the Chollas Creek walkway between Euclid and Market Streets.

Art in the Digital World

Informed by the history of the people, places and surrounding environments; combined with technological advancements and the application of these advancements, youth from Southeastern created the images in the photo mural renderings. The result of Place-Making in a Digital World, a collaboration of the AjA Project and JCNI, the artworks communicate the importance of embracing and envisioning community in a new light.

Children’s Wall

Along the back of the amphitheater is a beautiful copper-inlaid tree decorated with hand-painted, circular tile leaves created by more than 600 local children.

Coyote Tracks

This sculpture was created by artist Kenneth Banks in honor of the Kumeyaay people – the original residents of this former village site. The sawil (basket) is decorated with traditional motifs and represents cultural resilience and revival.

Cross-Cultural Dome Art

Two tile walkways located at Market Creek Plaza were designed and installed by local artists. They are renditions of cultural tapestries featuring a traditional Laotian cloth and an African batik.

Dragonfly Dreams

Designed and created by community artist Jean Cornwell, this whimsical life-size bronze sculpture of a child contemplating a dragonfly sits near the Children’s Wall.

Joe & Vi Jacobs Mosaic

The community has been touched by Joe and Vi Jacobs’ commitment and generosity through the work of the Jacobs Family Foundation and JCNI, and through their personal messages of respecting differences, embracing risk, and valuing the contributions of all. This photo mosaic, created in their honor, is made up of over 1,000 examples of what’s possible when residents work together to create neighborhood change.