Tenants @ Jacobs Center

A variety of organizations are tenants within the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center – all of which aim to improve Southeastern San Diego and Promise Zone communities.

Tenant List


Accessity’s mission is to open doors of financial opportunity, primarily to entrepreneurs of color, women and immigrant entrepreneurs so they can build prosperous businesses and livelihoods for themselves and their families, while also strengthening our communities. 

Services offered: Small business loans

Contact number: 619-795-7250

Website: accessity.org

Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce

The Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce uses innovative programs, networking opportunities and business partnerships to advance and strengthen inclusive economic development throughout the City and County of San Diego.

Services offered: Membership and small business assistance 

Contact number: 619-269-9400

Website: sdblackchamber.org

Jacobs Center Business Accelerator Program and Business Resource Center

The Business Accelerator and Business Resource Center @ the Jacobs Center provides local and diverse founders and small business owners with resources to develop the skills, connections and confidence needed to scale their businesses.

Services offered: Free business accelerator program for low-moderate income founded businesses, free technical assistance and support through the Business Resource Center

Contact number: 619-527-6161 ext. 105

Website: jacobscenter.org/business-accelerator

Community Wraparound

Community Wraparound is a transformative gang prevention and positive youth development initiative that leverages strategic community alliances to support gang-affiliated youth by offering viable alternatives.

Services offered: Community mentoring, case management for juvenile justice and family stability, youth engagement in civic activities, leadership development, advocacy, community empowerment initiatives, and social-emotional learning opportunities

Contact number: 858-788-9727

Website: community-wraparound.ueniweb.com/

Construction Service Workers

Construction Service Workers’ focus is to provide partnership opportunities for both workers and employers in the public sector.

Services offered: Administrative support services, construction management, labor compliance, outreach, staffing, social advocacy

Contact number: 619-303-6890

Website: constructionserviceworkers.com

Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership

Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership (DEEP) is committed to improving educational outcomes for students attending public schools in the Diamond Neighborhoods, specifically supporting the achievement of early childhood reading milestones.

Services offered: Reading to kids, free books, workshops

Contact number: 619-919-3337

Website: deepsd.org


Depositing Empowerment Through Outreach & Urban Redevelopment (DETOUR) increases access to education and employment for girls of color through its FANCY Teen Girls Expo, Leadership Academy and scholarships.

Services offered: Mentorship program, leadership program, scholarships

Contact number: 619-750-1180

Website: detourempowers.org

Home Start

Home Start is a nonprofit child abuse prevention and treatment agency in San Diego dedicated to changing lives.

Services offered: Various programs supporting families including Community Services for Families, Maternity Housing Program, Behavioral Health Services, First 5 First Steps, Communities in Action (CinA)  in addition to tax preparation services and job readiness support (such as resume and application assistance)

Contact number: 619-546-8342

Website: home-start.org

LeSar Development Consultants

LeSar Development Consultants aims to end the housing affordability crisis and homelessness through customized consulting services focused on creating physically, economically and environmentally resilient communities.

Contact number: 619-236-0612

Website: lesardevelopment.com

Mainly Mozart

Mainly Mozart’s mission is to enrich the lives of today’s and tomorrow’s passionate music lovers by connecting them to the genius and innovation of Mozart and the Masters, to world-class musicians and music-making, and each other.

Services offered: Festival and youth orchestra, free community concerts

Contact number: 619-239-0100

Website: mainlymozart.org

MANA de San Diego

MANA de San Diego is developing, nurturing and empowering Latina leaders through education, leadership development, advocacy and community service.

Services offered: Membership, mentorship program, leadership program, scholarships

Contact number: 619-297-0115

Website: manasd.org

Multicultural Health Foundation

Multicultural Health Foundation’s mission is to bring health justice and wellness to the multicultural communities of San Diego County by focusing resources on the most vulnerable populations with community-based wellness strategies, social-clinical interventions and research that will lead to the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities.

Services offered: Preventive health services and programs 

Contact number: 619-266-3665

Website: mhfwellness.org

NAACP San Diego Branch

The NAACP’s main goal is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of minority citizens in the United States and eliminate racial prejudice. The NAACP seeks to remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic processes.

Services offered: Membership, events and resources focused on advocacy and civic engagement

Contact number: 619-742-5742

Website: naacpsandiego.org

PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company

PASACAT’S mission is to preserve and promote Asian Pacific culture through the arts to extend goodwill and enhance cultural understanding.

Services offered: Classes, costume rental, membership, performances

Contact number: 619-477-3383

Website: pasacat.org

RISE San Diego

RISE elevates and advances leaders in urban neighborhoods to create meaningful community change.

Services offered: Leadership program, nonprofit support services, community events

Contact number: 619-531-7473

Website: risesandiego.org

San Diego Youth Football and Cheer

San Diego Youth Football and Cheer is focused on growing gifted children, both academically and athletically, through participation in football and cheer programs supported by its Scholar Athletes Program.

Services offered: Football and cheer programs may be on hold due to COVID-19, reach out for updates 

Contact number: 619-454-4570

Website: www.sdyfc.org

Utility Consumers’ Action Network

Utility Consumers’ Action Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting consumer interests by advocating for lower rates before the California Public Utilities Commission and to ensure fair billing practices through advocacy and representation of consumer interests in other settings.

Services offered: Intervening in regulatory proceedings, consumer education, resolve individual customer disputes

Contact number: 619-696-6966

Website: ucan.org

U.S. Rugby Federal Foundation

The U.S. Rugby Federal Foundation’s mission is to promote amateur rugby football throughout the United States by making grants and awards, sponsoring programs for the development of youth and amateur rugby and operating the United States Rugby Hall of Fame and other events honoring the history of American rugby. 

Services offered: Grants, awards, youth programs

Contact number: 619-233-0765

Website: usrugbyfoundation.org

Young Life

Young Life’s mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. 

Services offered: group activities, high school camp, middle school camp

Contact number: 707-331-0221

Website: innercitysandiego.younglife.org

Youth Will

Youth Will is a nonprofit youth-led organization fighting for every young person to have everything they need to be happy, healthy and prepared to reach their full potential. 

Services offered: informational meetings/workshops, leadership sessions, referrals to social programs

Contact number: 619-569-0610

Website: youthwill.org

If you are interested in leasing office space at the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center, please contact asims@jacobscenter.org.