Jacobs Center’s Director of Arts & Community Development adds an exciting new role

June 1, 2015 – San Diego – The United States Urban Arts Federation (USUAF) executive committee has invited the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation’s Victoria Hamilton to join the prestigious organization as an at-large member of the USUAF.

Ms. Hamilton, who serves as the Jacobs Center’s arts and culture advocate and manages the organization’s Cultural Celebrations and Performances grants and public art projects, joins the USUAF for a two-year term thanks to changes in membership rules recently instated by the USUAF. New at-large members are nominated and voted on by USUAF members and must be a current or retired leader working in the arts or for an arts organization. After previously serving as a full member for 24 years and president for two years during her time as executive director of the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and for her continued efforts in making southeastern San Diego an arts destination, Ms. Hamilton was offered membership.

She will be among 74 arts and culture leaders across the country working to establish and exchange information around innovation in the arts, share best practices, advocate urban arts issues and push for the arts to thrive in America on a local, state and national level.

“We started a new opportunity to expand the membership for up to five additional people that we believe would contribute dialogue to USUAF. After a nomination process, three people were recommended and Victoria was among them,” says Kerry Adam Hapner, director of cultural affairs for the City of San Jose and chair of the USUAF. “Due to her leadership in the field, we know she would have invaluable insight and perspective related to fostering the arts as part of a healthy and vibrant community in other cities across the U.S.”

“I’m excited and honored to be included again in this prestigious group of arts leaders,” says Ms. Hamilton. “The opportunity to contribute to public policy discussion around arts funding is very important to me and something I continue to do regularly in my work. I look forward to continuing to work with the USUAF.”

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