The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation is pleased to provide the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center (JVJC) Community Room for residents and community groups in southeastern San Diego. To request meeting space in the JVJC Community Room, submit the enclosed application to the address or fax number listed below. Applications can be submitted up to six months in advance but no later than one month prior to the activity. Requests are reviewed by the JVJC Community Room Committee and all applicants are notified of the committee’s decisions in a timely manner.

Completed applications may be dropped off in person or mailed to:
Alvenesia Sims
JVJC Community Room
404 Euclid Ave.
San Diego, CA 92114

(619) 527-6161 Ext. 189

Applications may also be scanned and emailed to You can also fill out the Community Room Application and submit online here.

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before contacting in order to better assist you.

  1. What is the JVJC Community Room?

The Joe & Vi Jacobs Center (JVJC) Community Room is a 1,700 sq. ft. meeting and activity space located on the ground floor of the center. The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI) offers the room with no fee to eligible activities organized by residents and community groups in southeastern San Diego.

  1. What activities can take place in the Community Room?

The Community Room welcomes applications for activities that focus on educational opportunities, encourage cultural diversity and exchange, or promote community strengthening for the residents and communities of Southeastern San Diego. Activities must be open to the public and have a strong outreach plan for reaching community members.

  1. Are there any activities that aren’t eligible to use the space?

Here are some examples of the types of activities that are not eligible to use the JVJC Community Room without a paying a fee:

  • Personal or family parties
  • Activities that produce personal income/gain
  • Political campaigns: discussion of political issues is acceptable, but activities may not be held for campaign purposes, party caucuses, etc.
  • Religious activities that exclude any community resident based on religious preference
  • Closed door meetings (not open to the community)

To book event space at the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center for these types of activities, please call Kitchen for Goods for a quote at 619-450-4040.

  1. When is the room available?
    The Community Room hours are:
  • Monday, Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Saturday, 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • CLOSED Sunday’s
  1. What is the room’s capacity?

The room’s maximum capacity is 70 people, depending on how the space is configured.

  1. Is the Community Room ever used for private activities?

JCNI reserves the right to reserve the room for meetings that may be closed to the public, such as for Kitchen for Goods activities.


  1. Who can apply?

    Individuals and community groups or organizations may apply to use the space. The primary contact must be an adult of at least 18 years of age.

  2. How do I apply?

    Please fill out a JVJC Community Room Application, making sure to answer each question completely. Completed applications may be dropped off in person, scanned and emailed, or mailed to Alvenesia Sims at the Jacobs Center. See the application form for contact information.

  3. When is the deadline?

    Applications must be turned in at least one month prior to the start of your meeting or activity.

  4. Is there a fee to apply or use the room?

    There is no application fee, and the room is provided free of charge to eligible activities.

  5. I have an activity that takes place over multiple days (e.g., a four-session workshop series). Can I still apply?

    Yes – activities that take place over multiple days can apply for the room. There is a question on the application that asks how frequently your activity takes place – be sure to fill it out clearly.

  6. I have an activity that is ongoing and doesn’t have an end-date (e.g., a monthly community meeting). How long can I reserve the space?

    Reservations for a project or activity can be made for a maximum six-month period starting with the first date of use. To allow a greater number of groups the opportunity to use the Community Room, longer reservation periods or extensions are not permitted.

  7. Can I contact the Jacobs Center to rent out Celebration Hall, one of your meeting rooms, Market Creek Amphitheater, Festival Park, or one of your other spaces for my event?The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation does not handle the rental of these events spaces. Please contact Kitchens for Good at 619-450-4040 or at for inquiries.
  8. I’ve turned in my application. What’s next?
    Applications are reviewed by a committee of Jacobs Center staff members and all applicants will receive written or email confirmation of the outcome:
  • If your activity meets the eligibility guidelines and the room is available, it will be booked and you will be provided with a confirmation and further instructions.
  • If your activity meets the eligibility guidelines but the space is not available, you will be contacted about possible alternate dates.
  • If your activity does not meet the eligibility guidelines, you will be notified of the decision.

    Eligible activities are booked on a first-requested, first-booked basis.


  1. What does a Community Room reservation include?

A JVJC Community Room reservation includes the use of the JVJC Community Room space only; it does not include access to other meeting or event spaces in the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center. It does include:

  • Furniture: If your activity is booked in the room, you will be provided with the number of tables and chairs available.
  • Audio-visual equipment: The room has a wall-mounted television screen with a hook-up available for your laptop; please contact Alvenesia Sims for details on this set-up. If your activity has audio-visual needs beyond this, equipment rentals and technical assistance may be coordinated for a fee with Kitchens for Goods; please contact their sales office for a quote at 619-450-4040.
  • Wi-Fi/Internet Access: There is no free public WiFi until further notice.
  1. I’m making flyers and advertising my activity. How should I list the Community Room on my materials?

The name and address of the Community Room may be used on fliers or other promotional materials for activities and events whose reservations have been approved. The address should be listed as “Joe & Vi Jacobs Center Community Room, 404 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA 92114.”

Unless the activity is sponsored by the JVJC or JCNI in writing, any publicity prepared about your use of the Community Room must carry the name of your group/organization and may not identify the JVJC or JCNI as a sponsor.

JVJC reserves the right to approve any publication, including photos or images, used by an organization about its use of the Community Room.

  1. Is there a kitchen available? Can I bring food?

The Community Room does not have a kitchen, and no access is permitted to the Kitchen for Goods. However, booked activities are welcome to bring in food and
non-alcoholic beverages to the room. You are responsible for providing your own serving dishes, paper goods, utensils, etc. You are also responsible for cleaning up and taking all food and food waste out of the room at the end of your activity.

Catering is available through Kitchens for Goods for a fee; please contact their sales office for menu options and a quote at 619-450-4040.

  1. It’s the day of my activity. What happens next?

Each approved applicant is required to do a walk-through of the Community Room with a JCNI staff member before and after the activity.

The Community Room will be turned over to you one hour prior to the scheduled start of your activity for set up. You are responsible for arranging any tables and chairs that were requested on your application to suit your activity needs.

An additional hour after the scheduled end of the activity is reserved for you for clean-up. The Community Room is to be left in a clean and acceptable condition at the end of the activity, and you are responsible for completing a checklist of items prior to leaving the facility. This checklist includes, but is not limited to:

  • Returning the room to its original setup; 6 tables (hollow square), 12 chairs
  • Removing all decorations, materials, and personal possessions; and,
  • Removing all trash and placing them in the dumpster located on the Westside of the parking lot.
  1. What other responsibilities should I be aware of?

The primary applicant (at least 18 years of age or older) must be present at all times during your activity. Parents are responsible for supervising their children while using the Community Room.

The JVJC is an active meetings and office space. Activities booked for the Community Room are to be contained within room and must be held in such a way as to not disturb general operations within the building. Loud music, disruptive behavior, and exploring other event and office spaces is not permitted.

A full list of responsibilities will be provided to each applicant when a reservation is approved as well as on the day of the activity.

  1. Is there storage available for my activity supplies and equipment?

Sorry, we are unable to offer space to store your materials. Anything left will immediately be discarded.

  1. Can I hang decorations or signs?

While you are welcome to use tape to hang signs or decorations on the walls or windows for your activity, please do not use tacks, nails, or permanent adhesives.

  1. Can I burn candles or incense in the room? Is smoking allowed?

No open flames are permitted in the Community Room. The JVJC is a smoke-free facility and smoking is not permitted within 50 feet of entrances and doorways.

  1. Are pets or other animals allowed?

Please leave Fluffy and Fido at home! Only service animals for people with disabilities are permitted in the Community Room.

  1. Something got damaged in the room. What should I do?

Please point it out to the JCNI staff member during the walk-through at the end of your activity. All approved applicants accept liability for either damage to the facility or loss of property and shall be responsible for paying the cost of any damage or loss incurred that is beyond reasonable wear and tear. The individual or group will not be permitted to reserve the Community Room again until the repair or replacement cost of the damaged items has been resolved. 

  1. What happens if there is an emergency?

For fire or medical emergencies, please call the JVJC Security Office at 619-527-6161 ext. 186 or dial 911. Emergency numbers are posted prominently in the Community Room.

  1. Is there a lost and found?

Items left in the room will be turned over to the JVJC Security Office and held for a maximum of 30 days. The Security Office can be reached at 619-527-6161 ext. 186. JVJC and JCNI are not responsible for any equipment and/or materials left in the Community Room. 

  1. What if I need to change my activity date?

Please call Alvenesia Sims at 619-527-6161  at least 3 days prior to your activity date to check on room availability.

  1. What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Please call Alvenesia Sims at 619-527-6161  at least 3 days prior to your activity date to cancel your reservation. Failure to do so may be cause for denial of future applications for the room.