Woman’s Worth: Reclaiming Our Divinity & Our Destiny

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“Woman’s Worth: Reclaiming Our Divinity & Our Destiny” is a unique multigenerational women’s empowerment experience facilitated by Starla Lewis, Ishe and Yah Yah. Three women, three generations within the same family, offering three unique perspectives on what it means to be a woman!

The facilitators utilize poetry, storytelling, and music as an inspirational tool during the presentation, to bridge the gap between mothers and daughters, and inspire women to have more honest and authentic conversations with each other. By revealing their own personal stories and journeys as women, the facilitators provide “Jewels of Wisdom” and “Tangible Tools” that help women begin to heal, reveal and feel more empowered! The “Woman’s Worth” motto is, “The more we reveal the more we heal”.

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