Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI)

JULY 2015 – SAN DIEGO — As a partner in community change, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI) is part of a caring community where people are responsible to each other, where all cultures are embraced and where residents create the future they envision. With a mission of “Resident Ownership of Neighborhood Change,” JCNI believes that for change to be sustainable, residents must own the vision, plans and assets in their community.

Founded in 1995, JCNI is a nonprofit foundation that works in partnership with the Jacobs Family Foundation and residents of San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhoods to build a stronger community through entrepreneurial projects and the creative investment of resources. JCNI helps attract and leverage investment while working with residents to build the capacity of individuals, families and their communities.

JCNI is invested in bringing the arts to our community and stimulating the local economy to create a cultural destination appealing to diverse audiences. This summer they have an incredible smooth jazz series that you will thoroughly enjoy; Jazz At The Creek in their outdoor venue at Market Creek Plaza Amphitheater. The concert series brings Jazz with a PURPOSE. A portion of the proceeds from Jazz At The Creek will go to a program that provides food for elementary school children in need, whose only meals are provided at school. Each identified child is provided with a backpack full of enough food for the child and its family for the weekend.

Jazz At The Creek will take place on Saturdays from 3–7, with the doors opening at 2 pm on July 11 and August 15, at the Market Creek Plaza Amphitheatre. Great food, people, jazz music and the outdoors merge to bring an unforgettable experience.

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