Arts Park @ Chollas Creek – 20 Years of Community-Driven Art

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After nearly 20 years of making a positive impact on the youth of Southeastern San Diego, Jacobs Center’s Arts Park @ Chollas Creek is still fostering a thriving community of young artists by providing the space and materials needed to express their creativity.

By partnering with Writerz Blok to lead this project, Arts Park has become a community for hundreds of teens over the years. Jose Venegas, the program manager at Writerz Blok, has been a driving force for this program and part of the solution for vandalism in the community. He says that the process of helping teens in the community is therapeutic. “I feel like this place has done more than offer a space to paint,” said Jose.

With the help of artists in the community, the hope for Arts Park is to continue to embrace the artistic expression that is representative of the community surrounding it.

Arts Park @ Chollas Creek is open Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and one Saturday a month during summer.

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