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Results & Resources

Community revitalization is a shared goal.
We share our discoveries to help others fulfill their missions.

Social Impact Reports

This comprehensive report takes a multifaceted approach to examining the social and economic impacts in the development of The Village at Market Creek.

Learning Series

Since 1994, the Jacobs Center has been developing relationships with residents and working to design and implement strategies that produce lasting physical, social, cultural, and economic change. In 2013, we began developing the Jacobs Center’s Learning Series to look back at some of the key strategies we have used in our work, and to look forward to those that will take us through our planned sunset in 2030. We look forward to continuing to share our reflections and learnings.

Support for the Jacobs Center’s Learning Series was provided by a grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Shared Learning

Our work to transform the Diamond Neighborhoods into a vibrant and thriving innovative district is about taking risks and turning challenges into opportunities. Every community conversation, workshop, town hall meeting, and survey has been a “hands-on” learning experience that not only informs our work, but can also inform the many fields striving to understand and create the dynamics of sustainable community revitalization.

Our resident-driven work leads us to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in philanthropy, community engagement, and place-based work and evaluation. This network of learning and investment partners works to advance new approaches to community building, equitable development, social enterprise, and community ownership.