Economic Opportunity

We believe that economic prosperity cannot be achieved by building buildings alone.
The underlying support system must be made up of residents who have the skills they need
to compete and succeed in today’s workforce.

Our goal is to create a vibrant, livable, and economically prosperous community that can be preserved by future generations. We work with opportunity youth (ages 16-24 who are unemployed or under employed) in the Diamond Neighborhoods to connect them to training and well-paying jobs so they can support themselves, their families, and their community.



As part of our redevelopment practice, we make every attempt to bring in new businesses committed to local hiring. We have developed a Community Economic Opportunity Plan to ensure that investments are maximized to enhance the overall quality of life for residents in the Diamond Neighborhoods and create a stronger and more equitable economy. The plan was created using input from the community. The comments received will be addressed by our Town Center Master Plan for redevelopment.

Building Economic Opportunity for Youth

According to the San Diego Workforce Partnership, more than 24,000 middle skill jobs will be available through 2019. By partnering with nonprofits to provide training and industries to provide jobs, youth will gain specific skills needed in our region’s priority job sectors.


Creative Career Pathways

Our urban art powerhouse Writerz Blok offers hands-on programs that fuse art and technology to prepare students for careers in creative industries. Courses include graphic design, screen-printing, and graffiti art history and are expanding to include website development, coding, and media arts. Their retail shop provides youth with work experience. Along with Writerz Blok, the Creative Industries Program launches the Jacobs Center’s Inspire Youth Careers industry partnership aimed at training opportunity youth in our city’s underserved neighborhoods and employing them in our region’s priority sectors.

Diamond Education Excellence Partnership (DEEP)

The Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership (DEEP) is a collaborative of community leaders and organizations committed to improving educational outcomes for children living in the Diamond Neighborhoods. DEEP works to ensure that these children transition smoothly through critical junctures in the education pipeline, from cradle to career. Its initial focus is on ensuring that students in its partner elementary schools read proficiently by the end of third grade, an indicator of an individual’s future life success. In pursuit of this goal, DEEP provides principal and teacher professional development opportunities, capacity-building for parents and other providers of early childhood care, and summer learning programs and book clubs.