We are working to revitalize 60 acres of land to provide residents with greater access to amenities
that improve their quality of life, like housing, service providers, restaurants, and retailers.
We are creating the foundation to transform the area into a vibrant town center supported by
high-quality infrastructure, specialized industries, entrepreneurs, and artists.


The majority of the Jacobs Center’s assets are in land. With 60 acres, we are the largest landowner in District 4. Ten of these acres are now the retail center Market Creek Plaza. We are working towards meeting our goal of developing the approximately 50 remaining acres over the next 15 years.

Creative Placemaking

Creative Placemaking and Public Art projects support community growth and transformation by activating public spaces. This creates an environment that supports: civic engagement, community identity and cohesion, and enhances livability and quality of life. We use creative placemaking and public art to further the community benefit of our redevelopment projects.

Meetings & Events

Not only do we provide new places for economic opportunities, we also provide places to create memorable experiences. Our newly restored venue is located only eight minutes from downtown and can accommodate meetings and events of nearly any size and scale. Located just off Interstate 805 South, Interstate 94 East/Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway, and adjacent to the MTS Euclid Transit Center, our venue and the Market Creek Amphitheater are easily accessible from anywhere in the region and offer ample free parking.

Market Creek Plaza

The Market Creek Plaza area has many wonderful things to offer to the community. Take a leisurely stroll along the peaceful banks of Chollas Creek and enjoy cultural performances and music in the beautiful setting of the Market Creek Amphitheater. Experience unique and memorable public art, the multicultural tile walkways that celebrate African and Laotian culture, and the Sempra Children’s Art Wall created by local children and artists, and more.

Just 10 minutes from downtown San Diego, Market Creek Plaza is located near the intersection of Market Street and Euclid Avenue.